Looking for easy ways to promote your blog posts for free? Then this post is for you!

Did you ever create a post that you were super proud of? A post that you were sure would be a hit, but when you pressed publish, nothing happened.

No comments, no shares and minimal pageviews.

It’s so disappointing and demotivating. I’ve been there and it made me feel like quitting. What was the point of putting in all of the research, time and energy into a post that no one ever saw?

The issue?

I didn’t know how to promote my blog posts properly. I just flung them out there and hoped for the best! Hoped that someone would just stumble across the post, love it and share it with their audience, without me having to do anything (Yes, yes I was very naive).

So, the reason I wasn’t getting traffic to my site? I didn’t have a strategic approach to promoting my content.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

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The 80/20 Rule

Have you heard of the 80/20 rule?

The idea is that you should spend 20% of your time creating your blog posts/content and 80% of your time promoting it.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

So, if you’re going to be spending 80% of your blogging time marketing your content, what are the best and easiest ways to promote your blog posts?

And, more importantly, how do you streamline your promotion strategy to ensure that everything you do boosts your traffic long-term and not just the 5 minutes after you post? After all, life gets in the way and you need something that is not only bringing traffic to your site but that is easy to manage and stay on top of.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

So, you’ve drafted an awesome post and you’re almost ready to share it with the world, here’s 50 things that you can do before and after you hit publish to promote your blog posts without having to pay for ads and “boosting” posts:


1. Write High-Quality Content Worth Sharing

This is the most basic way to promote your content in this list. And it probably goes without saying BUT promoting your content will be much, much easier when your content is awesome.

By consistently creating high-quality content, you are putting posts out there that people will actually want to read and, more importantly (for the purposes of this article) share with their own audience. If other people are sharing your content for you, they are doing some of the work!

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2. Optimise Your Content for Search Engines (SEO)

Before you think about hitting publish on a post, you need to make sure that your content has been optimised for search engines.

SEO is a term that is used a lot when talking about blog traffic and there’s a reason why it is. Because it’s super important. If you want to see organic traffic coming to your blog then people need to be able to find your posts in search engine results.

Whilst you might not view SEO as a way to promote your blog posts in the traditional sense (i.e. sharing on social media), by optimising your content, you are essentially promoting your content to search engines.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

3. Create Awesome, Click-Worthy Headlines

A huge part of promoting your blog posts is getting people to click through onto the post.

You can share all of the Tweets, Facebook Posts, Pins etc. in the world but if your post title isn’t appealing to the people who see it, it’s pretty pointless.

Your headlines are part of the SEO for your post that I mentioned above so it should include keywords. In addition to keywords, according to CoSchedule’s Headline Analyser tool, a click-worthy headline should also have the following elements to it:

  1. Capitalise on the type of headline that converts e.g. lists, how tos and questions
  2. Captivate your audience with the right word balance
  3. Be scannable and easy to digest

I run every blog post headline through CoSchedule’s Headline Analyser tool before choosing the most click-worthy.


4. Make Your Posts Easy to Share with Share Icons

If someone wants to share your post, it should be easy for them to do so.

It’s pretty straightforward really. They may want to share your post but if it’s not obvious and super simple for them to do, your readers aren’t going to spend their time trying to do it.

Install a plugin like Sumo for floating share icons down the side of each post, that way, your readers can share you post with the click of their mouse.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free


5. Link to Influential People and Sites

Linking to influential people and sites within your niche is a great way to gain more exposure.

Use these links to direct your readers to additional information that is relevant, or linked to, your post content.

You may not see the results immediately but once you are on their radar they may start sharing the content that mentions them with their audience.


6. Email the People you Have Mentioned/Linked to in Your Post

Rather than simply waiting for those influencers to notice the links you’ve included, be bold and reach out to them directly to let them know.

This worked wonders for me and my 201 Facebook Posts for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs freebie. I messaged the owners of each Facebook Group that featured on my list to let them know which resulted in them sharing the link to the freebie with their audience.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts


7. Tag Those Same People in Your Social Media Posts

This follows on from number 6. When you Tweet a link to your latest post, tag those who you mentioned within the post too.

Whilst it’s easy to ignore an email or forget to go back and share the post someone emailed to you, it’s super simple to hit “Retweet”. This is especially true of very high profile influencers in your niche. By tagging them and being retweeted by their accounts, your Tweet will be in front of thousands of new eyes.


8. Create Images for All Social Platforms

Social media is a visual place. We all know that.

And posts with images get more clicks than those without. In fact, research shows that Tweets with images are 34% more likely to get retweeted than tweets with no images. And more retweets means more eyes on your content.

So it’s a bit of a no-brainer to include images with all of your social media posts. The key is to make sure that they are the correct size for each platform to ensure that readers can see the full detail.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free


9. Tweet Multiple Times on the Day Your Publish Your Post

Twitter is one of the fastest moving social media platforms. The lifespan of the average tweet is around 18 minutes. So, if your ideal reader isn’t on Twitter during that 18 minute window, they won’t see your post.

Unless, of course, you tweet about your latest post multiple times during the day! Remember to mix it up a bit and curate different tweets rather than simply copying and pasting the same one again and again which can look spammy.

For added attention, pin the link to your post to the top of your Twitter feed.


10. Create 4-5 Tweets per Post and Loop Them for Future Weeks and Months

Whilst it’s helpful to Tweet about your latest post a number of times during the day that it is published, it will soon be lost in the Twittersphere.

Use a scheduling tool like SmarterQueue to recycle old Tweets over and over again without you needing to do any additional work. This means that old content will constantly be promoted and traffic will be driven to them consistently rather than a surge on day one and then tumbleweeds for the rest of time!

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50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

11. Use RT Hashtags to Get Your Posts Retweeted

There are a number of accounts on Twitter whose sole purpose is to retweet and share bloggers’ content.

And you don’t have to do much additional work to take advantage of this. Simply add the relevant hashtags to your promo tweets. You can usually find the hashtags in the bios of the accounts but, to help you out, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite accounts which you can find in the Blog Post Promotion Cheatsheet + Sharing Strategy below. 

For additional retweets, add the promo hashtags to the Tweets you are recycling then you don’t have to add them in again but you’ll still get your older posts retweeted.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

Blog Post Promotion Cheatsheet + Sharing Strategy

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12. Take Part in Twitter Chats and Make Connections with Other Bloggers

Whilst taking part in Twitter Chats won’t necessarily allow you to promo your latest post directly, they are a great way to make new connections and introduce new readers to your content generally.

Twitter chats are also a great place to meet new bloggers that you can then do link exchanges with and form blogging circles with in the future (see below for more info on these).

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13. Include “Click to Tweet” Quotes in Your Post

Again, this is about making it super easy for the readers to share your content and do your promote your blog posts for you!

Pull out some catchy, share-worthy quotes from your blog post and head over to Click to Tweet to turn them into links that people can, well…click to Tweet! It’s up to you how you display them. I like to add a border around them to make them stand out from the rest of the text but some people like to add (Click to Tweet this) at the end of the quote within the usual text block.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free


14. Search Twitter to Find People Discussing Your Topic

You can find people talking about your post topic on Twitter by typing in your keywords into the search bar in the top right-hand corner.

Once the results page appears, click on latest to find the latest Tweets on the topic.

It may take some time to find a discussion that you can join in on. Remember not to just drop your link in a reply. Take some time to join the discussion, give some valuable advice and then refer them to your post for further information.


15. Share Your Post on Facebook

As with the other main social media platforms, you can set up your WordPress account to publish your new post to your blog’s Facebook Page, as soon as you hit publish. Simply head to “Settings” and “Share” to connect your WordPress account with your Facebook Page.

But, if you’re comfortable with it, why not share your content from your personal profile too? You’d be surprised how many of your friends and family will share things for you, getting your content to a whole new audience.

As with Twitter, I use SmarterQueue to loop my posts to Facebook to ensure that they are posted again every couple of weeks. Facebook moves much slower than Twitter so the frequency you need to post is less.

For more information on how often to post on which platforms grab the Blog Promotion Cheatsheet + Sharing Strategy below.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

Blog Post Promotion Cheatsheet + Sharing Strategy

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16. Share Your Post in Your Facebook Group

Do you have your own Facebook Group?

Sharing your latest blog posts with your community is a great way to promote your blog posts and drive traffic to your site. Chances are, most people are in your group because they’ve visited your blog or are interested in/part of the same niche as you. You do need to strike a fine balance here though because if you make the group solely about you and promoting yourself, people are likely to leave. They’re there for the sense of community, as well as learning new stuff.


17. Take Part in Facebook Promo Threads

Facebook promo threads are a fantastic way of promoting your blog posts for free. A lot of groups have daily promo threads where you can share your content with your fellow group members. Remember to give more than you take in these groups though and check out lots of other blogs while you’re there.

They do however, come with a word of warning from me! When you take part in Facebook promo threads, you’ll see a spike in the number of pageviews you have on the day of the thread. You’ll find a lot of people visiting your site (and even commenting) solely to fulfill the rules of the promo thread. A lot of those visitors probably won’t be back again.

Unless, that is, you are putting out high-quality, valuable posts with epic freebies that get people onto your email list (more about using your email list to promote your blog posts below).

Join the Flourishing Freelancer Blogging Community Group on Facebook for daily promo threads.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

18. Search in Facebook Groups for People Asking Questions About Your Blog Post Topic

I mentioned this technique earlier in relation to Twitter but it works much better in Facebook.

Type your keywords into the search bar at the top and hit “search”. When the results come back, you’ll see a variety of options down the left-hand side. Select “Your Groups” and sort by “Most Recent”.

As with Twitter, don’t just drop your link and run. Offer advice and feedback first and then signpost the person to your blog post for more information.


19. Facebook Live in Your Facebook Group

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers doing this lately and it seems to work wonders!

Do a quick Facebook Live session within your group on the topic of your post. Share parts of the post with your group but hold back some of the information (after all, if you tell them everything, there’s no point in them checking out your post!) Another popular way of using Facebook Lives to promote your blog posts is to do a Q&A session on the topic. This really gets your audience engaged with you.

Don’t forget to mention your post during the live session and add a link to it in the comments section once you’re done.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

20. Create a YouTube Video

Once you’ve put in all of the hard work in creating a magnificent blog post, you can create a video covering the same content. The beauty of this is that you don’t need to create anything new, the content is already there, you’re just putting it into a new format, meaning the potential for a new audience.

Check out this post from Elise at House of Brazen on why you should be using video for your blog and business.


21. Create a Teaser/Promo Video

Video performs well on social media platforms so, whether you create a stand-alone promo video for your post or a teaser video from your YouTube video if you’ve done one, posting video to your social media channels will boost your clicks.

A short clip followed by a link to your post or the full YouTube video will entice people to click through more than a still image and caption will.


22. Post on Instagram

If you have accounts on all of the main social media sites, you might as well promote your blog posts on all of them.

Get your Instagram posts noticed by other people, by using the right hashtags for your niche. Oh, and don’t forget to let people know where to find the link to your latest post #linkinbio.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free


23. Use LinkTree to Add Multiple Links to Your Instagram Account

Sick of being limited to one link on Instagram? It’s tough continually promote your blog posts, products and freebies when you can only include one clickable link.

By using LinkTree you can have multiple links in your Instagram profile all at the same time. This means that when you promote your latest post you can direct people to your bio without having the change the links you have there every single time. For example, I have the following links on my LinkTree:

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24. Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Post

Instagram Stories work kind of like the teaser video I mentioned in the Facebook section.

You don’t have to go live on Instagram Stories, you can pre-record a short video or two explaining what your latest post is about and building hype around that particular topic. Remember not to give everything away, just share enough to entice people to click through to your post.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

25. Pin Your Post to Pinterest

As soon as you hit publish on your new post, pin it to your blog’s Pinterest board. I also like to manually pin it to any other relevant boards that I have (that aren’t group boards).

Make your content more pinnable by creating great looking pins with a tool like Canva and filling the description with keywords to help people find your pins.


26. Create Multiple Pins for Each Post

After I’ve manually pinned the main image from my blog post to my boards, I create 2-3 more pins for each post and pin them to my own boards over the next couple of days. If you have three different pins for each post circulating, you’re tripling the chances of it getting seen. And, if you make them all look different (i.e. layouts are different but branding remains the same), they will appeal to different people.

I’ll cover pinning to Group Boards below but I also make sure that I pin all 3-4 pins to the Group Boards that I’m a part of too.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free


27. Pin to Group Boards

Group Boards are the best bit of Pinterest when it comes to getting your blog posts seen.

Pinterest Group Boards are going to help you get your pins in front of lots of new people without you needing thousands of followers on your own Pinterest account. And pinning to group boards can be quick and easy when you use the Campaigns feature on Boardbooster.

Simply create a new campaign (I called mine “New Blog Posts”) and add the Group Boards that you will be sharing your posts to. Boardbooster will create a secret board for you and all you will need to do then is pin your latest posts to that board and Boardbooster will do the rest!

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28. Use Boardbooster’s Looping Feature to Recycle Older Pins

It’s easy for old pins to get lost, especially once you start filling your boards up. So how do you use Boardbooster and Pinterest to consistently promote your blog posts, even your old ones?

Boardbooster’s Looping feature is the answer. It “loops” the oldest pins on your boards to the top so that they don’t get lost and forgotten about.


29. Make the Most of Tribes on Pinterest

Whether you use Tailwind or Boardbooster, you will have access to some sort of Pinterest Tribes.

The idea behind tribes is that you put into a “pot” some of your favourite pins (of your own content) and the other tribe members do the same. You all then repin a certain number of pins each day from that “pot”. The beauty of it is, once you’ve selected which pins you want to share and which pins you want to repin the other members’ pins to, Boardbooster does the rest for you. Every. Single. Day.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free


30. Share on Google+

When you hit publish, share your post on Google+.

You can do this automatically by adding your Google+ account to your WordPress social media links. To do this, head to “Settings” on your WordPress dashboard and then “Share”. Link your Google+ account here. Your posts will then automatically be shared when you hit publish.


31. Use Google+ Communities

Google+ Communities are kind of like forums. They are a place where people come together to discuss and share information around a particular topic.

By posting your content into a Google+ Community, you know that you are sharing your content with people who are interested in that specific topic.

If you’re new to Google+ Communities, check out this super helpful post from Mashable – Google+ Communities: A Beginner’s Guide. 

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

32. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon can be hit and miss when it comes to driving traffic to your site but it’s definitely not something that should be overlooked when thinking about ways to promote your blog posts for free.

The fastest and easiest way to Stumble your posts is it use the StumbleUpon button on your social media sharing bar. On most (including Sumo) there will be an option for SU. Then all you need to do is hit that Stumble button once you’ve published your post.

As with any other social site, you should be sharing other people’s content so, next time you read a post you enjoy, stumble it too – it only takes two seconds!


33. LinkedIn

You can set up your WordPress account to automatically share your latest blog post when you hit publish but, if you really want to promote your blog posts, LinkedIn Groups are a great source of traffic.

Rather than just sharing your content with your LinkedIn connections (which may be limited and therefore, not send you much traffic), search for some LinkedIn groups in your niche and send your best content their way.

Want to connect with me on LinkedIn? You can find me here.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

34. Email Your List

For an immediate flurry of pageviews on your latest post, send out an email to your list.

The trick here is to make it interesting and valuable for them. Don’t just send an email that says “Hey, I just published a new post on the blog, go check it out!”

Try summarising the key points of your post to entice your readers to click through to read the full article.

Want an added traffic boost? Why not add a “Pin now, read later” button to your email.


35. Add Your Latest Posts to Your Regular Newsletter

If you send out regular email newsletters e.g. weekly top tips, add a section to that newsletter called “On the Blog” or “In Case You Missed It” where you add links to all of your most recent posts.

Email is direct and, even if your readers missed your 10,000 Tweets about your new post, if they open your emails, they won’t miss this!

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free


36. Add a Link to Your Latest Post in Your Email Footer

This requires a little bit of upkeep but it depends on how often you post.

If you are publishing new content every day, then this may become quite onerous. However, if you’re posting once a week, you could simply update your email footer with a link to the latest post that you want to promote.

Alternatively, you could include a link to one of your favourite posts for 1-2 weeks and then switch it up.


37. Add Links to Your New Posts into Your Older Posts

We’re all really good at adding links to older posts when we’re creating new content but how many of us go back into old posts and add links to newer ones?

If you’re continually sharing, and getting traffic to your old content (by Tweeting, Pinning etc.) then including links to newer content helps to promote those newer posts too.


38. Create Infographics and Freebies that People NEED

Pretty much everyone loves something for free. This is so true when it comes to online content. If someone can get something super useful for free without having to move from their sofa or bed, you can bet that they’ll be all over it.

The key is creating things that people NEED. Don’t just create content upgrades for the sake of it because they won’t work. You want people to see the infographic or freebie and feel the NEED to click through onto the post where that content upgrade is available.

If you’re not sure of what to create, an infographic representing the process of your tutorial or summarising the key points of your post can be really helpful, especially for those people who are more visual.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free


39. Create and Share Tweets, Pins, Promos etc. for Those Infographics and Freebies

Rather than promote the post itself, promote the value within it. People love a freebie and find it difficult not to click through.

Let’s say you have a blog post all about planning and your freebie is a blog post planning spreadsheet. Promote the free spreadsheet and direct people to the post where it sits. Although you are promoting the freebie, you are linking people through to the blog post where they can access that freebie. And, if they are interested in that particular freebie, then they are probably interested in your blog post (even if they don’t know it until they get there!)


40. Create a Roundup Post

This idea follows on from the “mentioning other bloggers in your posts” idea. Expect this time, you’re not just mentioning them, you’re featuring them.

Contact bloggers or experts on a particular topic and interview them. Then link back to their sites. Let them know once the post has gone live and they will promote your blog posts for you by sharing with their network!

For more information on Expert RoundUp Posts, check out this explanation from Smart Blogger – The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Expert Roundup Post that Gets 1000s of Shares.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

41. Develop a Blogger Outreach Programme

A blogger outreach programme is pretty much what it says it is – your reach out to other bloggers.

Very simply, you connect and build relationships with other bloggers in your niche (usually with a bigger following than you) and ask them to share your content for you! Clearly, there is a little more to it than this – you can’t really email people every single time you publish a new post!

For more information on how to develop a blogger outreach programme, check out this influencer outreach bundle from the amazing Zoe Linda.


42. Create a Circle of Blogging Friends

Not only is having a circle of blogging friends the best thing for keep you motivated and sane, but it can also help you promote your blog posts.

I wouldn’t grow a circle of blogging buddies with the sole purpose of promoting content (although people do this) but, once you have your group together, why not promote each other’s content? That’s what friends are for right?


43. Write Guest Posts

Guest post for other bloggers and link back to your own posts where relevant. Of course, you should check with the person you are writing for that this is okay and not simply fill your guest post with links back to your own site.

Try to pitch to sites that have a bigger following than your own to really maximise traffic and promote your blog posts to a much wider audience.

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50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

44. Ask People to Guest Post for Your Site

And encourage them to share the post once it’s been published.

Open up a guest posting slot on your site and let people know about it (Facebook Groups are great for this). When you’ve hit publish on the post, send a link over to the person who wrote it and ask them to share it with their audience. Don’t forget to tag them in Tweets etc. when you promote the post as they’re very likely to retweet.

Remember #43 above? Yep. Okay, so make sure you allow your guest posters to have a couple of links back to their own content. Do unto others and all that!


45. Keep an Eye Out for Similar Posts by People You Know

The key word here is “similar”, and this approach probably won’t work if the posts are on the exact same topic.

Keep an eye out for posts that you can link to for more information. Then get in touch with that blogger and suggest a link exchange. You add a link to their post from yours in exchange for them adding a link to your post from theirs. The two posts should compliment each other and add valuable information to readers.


46. Create a Bloglovin Account

Bloglovin is still big in fashion, beauty and lifestyle niches. It also requires next to no work to promote your blog posts on it.

Simply set up your account and link it to your site. Every time you publish a new post it will appear on your Bloglovin account. Remember to let people know you have a Bloglovin account so that they can follow it.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

47. Set Up Your RSS Feed

Set up your RSS feed and then tell people about it.

Some people don’t want their inbox flooded with emails from lots of different sites but they do still want to know about new posts you share. Enter your RSS feed.

Readers can subscribe to your RSS Feed and then, using a feed reader (like Feedly), they can catch up on all of your latest posts.


48. Register with Blog Directories

Blog directories categorise your blogs to help people find the content that they are looking for.

Not only do blog directories help people who are interested in your niche, find your posts, but they also provide strong backlinks that can help boost your SEO.

For more information and a list of popular blog directories, check out this post on Shout Me Loud – 131+ Manually Verified Free Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts for Free

49. Register with Triberr

Triberr is a great way to get other bloggers to help promote your blog posts. It’s kind of like Pinterest Tribes where you join a tribe and share each other’s content.

Triberr is quick and easy to sign up to and, after the initial setup, requires minimal upkeep. And, as an added bonus you’ll have access to lots of lovely content from other bloggers in your niche to share with your readers.


50. Share Your Posts of Tumblr, Reddit and Flipboard

Okay, so this last one is a little bit cheeky and is actually 3-in-1. So basically, you’ve had 52 ways to promote your blog posts.

These are just three more places that you can share your content for free that require very little effort. Don’t however, expect to see huge amounts of traffic coming through from them.

And there you have 50  easy ways to promote your blog posts for free.

Don’t forget to download the strategy checklist to make sure that you’re promoting each post as much as possible but without having to spend hours on end on social media each day.

50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

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50 Easy Ways to Promote Your Blog Posts

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