Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to make money in minutes?

Well, it is possible! They might not be huge amounts but it all adds up, right?

As Christmas approaches, many of us bloggers and freelancers will be feeling a little concerned about money in January. Scrap that. EVERYONE feels the money pressure in January!

This week, we have a guest post from freelance writer, Lucy Wyndham. Without further ado, I give you Lucy’s 8 ways to make money in minutes:

8 Ways to Make Money in Minutes

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Even the busiest freelancers have five minutes or so during the day when they don’t know what to do. Perhaps you’re waiting for a client to get in touch or just for the coffee machine to finish doing its magic. Either way, those small chunks of time can start earning you a little extra money.

Flourishing Freelancer has previously covered six ways to make money at home, but here are five more that can help you make money in literally a matter of minutes.

1. Taking surveys

Companies and other researchers are desperate to hear what the public thinks, and many are willing to pay you for the information. Money-making sites pay visitors to take online surveys, and many companies like MyPoints and Inbox Dollars have given away millions to people able to spare a few minutes to answer a few questions. It’s a great way to share your opinions and earn a little extra money at the same time

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2. Selling on eBay

It’s a cliche but it’s true – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. As such, why not spend those spare moments looking around the house for a few things to put up for sale on eBay? Not only will it make your house just that little bit tidier, but it could mean money in the bank in the time it takes you to take a quick picture and write a description.


3. Sell your pictures

Of course, if you don’t have anything around the house to sell, you could always just take some photos of things and sell those instead. It might sound like a bad joke, but the idea is a deadly serious one. Here’s the thing: Every day, there are thousands of people writing thousands of blogs, news articles and landing pages for websites. Every one of those literary masterpieces needs to be accompanied by a picture or two. You might not have wondered till now where all those images come from, but the truth is they are from people just like you, armed only with a smartphone. Foap is a platform for selling photos to anyone who needs them. They are a set price, and the proceeds are split equally between you and Foap.


4. Make Bucks from Books

Be honest with yourself. Are you really ever going to read that fancy hardback edition of ‘War and Peace’ or that book about a hobby you haven’t done in years? If the answer is no (and you know it is), there are sites that make it super easy to sell books in bulk. On various book-selling platforms, all you have to do is put the ISBN numbers in and it will give you a price. Just package those paperbacks and the money’s on its way to you.


5. Embrace (Artificial) Intelligence

Being a big website requires you to spend time on lots of little time-consuming tasks, and many sites are willing to pay people at home to do these small jobs. Join a site like Amazon Mechanical Turk and sign up for jobs that include data entry, proofreading and research. You’ll be surprised at just how lucrative it can be.


6. Sell Your Skills

Imagine eBay, but instead of selling your belongings, you are selling your skills. That’s the idea behind Fiverr and similar sites. Spend a few minutes creating an ad for a skill you can offer someone (writing, editing, social media, whatever), and reach thousands of more customers.

Make Money in Minutes

7. Walk for money

Of course, you might want to spend those spare moments taking a leisurely walk, and who could blame you for that?

It doesn’t mean you have to stop earning, though. Virtual currencies are becoming the new big thing in world economics thanks to the rise of Bitcoin, and the latest one to appear is the Walking Dollar (WD). You can mine these simply by walking, all you need is to download the Bitwalking app and you are up and – well, walking. You’ll need to walk a long way to get rich – around about five miles is enough to generate one WD. But seriously, what is the downside?

8. Gamble on your fitness

Maybe you prefer to spend your time at the gym than out walking? No problem, you can earn money through keeping fit that way, too. Pact is an intriguing concept whereby you essentially gamble on your own ability to meet your fitness goals. Commit to a particular regime, and if you hit your targets, you get a payout from the prize pot.

8 Ways to Make Money in Minutes


And there you have it, 8 ways to make money in minutes!

I’d love to say a massive thank you to Lucy for contributing to the Flourishing Freelancer blog. If you are interested in submitting a guest post or being featured in the blogging bosses series, check out the guidelines here.