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Honesty vs. Oversharing: When To Draw The Line

Honesty vs. Oversharing

Honesty vs. oversharing: do you know where to draw the line? That’s the question that’s being addressed by today’s guest poster, Lucy Wyndham. For those of you who are new to Flourishing Freelancer, Lucy is a freelance writer who wrote a great post for us at the end of last year entitled 8 Ways to Make […]

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Blogger’s Christmas Wishlist 2017

Blogger's Christmas Wishlist

Welcome to the Blogger’s Christmas Wishlist 2017! If you’re a regular to FF, you’ll know that I don’t usually do this style of post but it was a huge success last year (I mean, I got most things off the list!!) so I’ve decided to do one again this year. Being a blogger is a […]

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The Genius Bloggers Toolkit 2017

As a blogger and online business owner, I’m always looking for new resources that can help me grow. Whether it’s tips on building authority, ebooks on increasing my traffic or courses on social media, I constantly want to improve myself and my blog. And, of course, make money! 14 months ago, I hit “launch” on […]

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My Favourite Affiliate Programme

Affiliate programmes are one of the best ways to make income through your blog. So, today I thought I would share my favourite affiliate programme with you. As with any other part of your blog, your success with affiliate programmes depends on whether or not your audience find your content interesting and useful. If you’re promoting […]

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Blogging Bosses – An Interview with Ana from The She Approach

Hello wonderful bloggers and entrepreneurs! Welcome to the second instalment of Blogging Bosses. A place for bloggers and entrepreneurs to celebrate themselves and their achievements, as well as offering inspiration to others. In case you missed it, you can read the first instalment here. So, we’ll get straight into this month’s bad-ass blogger interview – […]

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How to Run a Successful Blog When You Work Full Time

One of the biggest questions out there is how to run a successful blog when you work full time. For most of us – whether we plan to blog full-time or not – we start out blogging around our 9-5 jobs. Some people start blogging alongside studying and others start blogging when they have children […]

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How to Consistently Create Valuable Content for Your Blog

Creating content for your blog is a big task. Creating valuable content is an ever bigger task. And the biggest task of them all? Consistently creating valuable content. For some people, blogging is just about getting words out into the world. It’s about getting thoughts and feelings “onto paper”. But for other people, it’s about […]

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5 Tips for Becoming a More Successful Blogger

Being a blogger is great but it’s everyone’s dream to become a successful blogger. There’s something really amazing about knowing that there are people out there reading what you have to say. It makes all of those tantrums and late nights spent working on SEO and HTML coding worthwhile. But, you can’t just decide to […]

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Simple SEO Tips to Help Your Blog Grow

SEO is a huge part of creating a successful (and profitable) blog. For a lot of people, SEO is pretty mysterious and, for the most part, completely overwhelming. As a blogger, you’ve probably heard the term SEO being used a lot. But what does it actually mean? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Which, according […]

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5 Resolutions Every Blogger Should Make for 2017

As a new year approaches, we’re all thinking about setting resolutions. You know, those goals you set for yourself that you give up on after 3 or 4 days. Next year I’ll be giving myself two sets of resolutions; one personal and one for my business. For me, it’s important to separate the two out. […]

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The Perfect Blog Post – Publishing and Promoting

Welcome to the final post in my Curating the Perfect Blog Post mini-series. Today’s post is Publishing and Promoting. So now that you have your perfect blog post, it’s time to share it with the world. That’s fairly straightforward, right? Well, yes and no. Sure, it’s easy to hit publish but if you want people to click […]

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The Perfect Blog Post – Formatting Your Post (Editing and SEO)

Welcome to the fourth post in my Curating the Perfect Blog Post mini-series. Today’s post is Formatting Your Post for the Web (Editing and SEO). So far in this mini-series, you’ve come up with incredible post ideas and titles, learnt about finding and using your blogging voice and researched and written the perfect content. So now what? […]

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