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Business Tips

How to Break Your Business Out of a Funk

It happens to us all. You’re cruising along happily in your business and then you hit a wall. Your productivity and motivation disappear. Your income slows down. Or, even worse, comes to a complete standstill. Things just don’t feel like they’re working any more. It’s a horrible feeling as a business owner – you’re not […]

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5 Sites for Free Beautiful Stock Images

Your blog’s images say a lot about you and your blog so it’s important to have some great stock images. Having beautiful, high-quality images on your blog makes it look more professional. Having gorgeous images can be the difference between someone leaving your site within a couple of minutes or hanging around and maybe even […]

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Why Cleaning Up Your Email List is Important

Cleaning up your email list from time to time is important. If you’ve been following this series of posts you should have your email list set up and some subscribers. You might even have sent some emails out to those subscribers. Or maybe you’ve had an email list for a while now and you’re just […]

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5 Tips to Grow Your Email List

One of the questions I get asked a lot is how to grow your email list. Earlier this week, I posted about getting your MailChimp account set up, sending your first newsletter and creating a must have lead magnet. But alongside your lead magnet, there are some other ways to get subscribers to sign up to […]

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