If you want readers to sign up to your email list, you need a lead magnet.

Most posts you will read about creating email lists and using email marketing will tell you that you need a lead magnet. In this post I’ll be explaining how you go about creating a “must have” lead magnet that will get people signed up to your email list.

Lead Magnet

What is a Lead Magnet

Before I get into the details of how to create a must have lead magnet, I’ll explain what one is and why you need one.

A lead magnet is something that you offer to readers who sign up to your email list, for free. That’s right, you’re offering your readers something for free in exchange for their email address. The idea is that whatever you’re giving away should encourage your readers to hand over their contact details.

You know when you see an ebook being offered for free? Or a five-day email course for free? And when you click on them, a box appears asking for your name and email address? That’s a lead magnet. Now think about how many of those you’ve clicked on and been happy to give your email address because the freebies were awesome. Those ones are good lead magnets.

So basically, a lead magnet is something that you offer to readers that they can’t already access on your site, in exchange for their email.


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What Makes a Good Lead Magnet?

Creating a must have lead magnet might seem a little daunting. After all, there’s a bit of pressure to ensure that it converts otherwise your email list may consist of 3 friends and your mum forever!

But don’t panic, there’s a few key elements and qualities listed below that will help you get there!

1. What Your Readers Want

For your lead magnet to work, you need to know your audience. You need to know what kind of things they’re interested in. This is where Google Analytics comes in handy. You can see which of your posts have been the most popular and build your lead magnet around that.

Are your posts about starting a blog popular? Offer a 7-day email course on starting a blog from scratch. Do your readers love tips on using social media to grow your blog traffic? Offer a short ebook on using Instagram to grow your blog audience.

Take Meera Kothand, for example. She’s an email and digital marketing guru! The opt-in right at the top of her blog? Her very own swipe file of 105 content hacks for emails! 

Meera knows that everyone visiting her site is interested in email marketing so what better way to draw them in, that offering 2 year’s worth of email marketing content in exchange for an email address?

Must Have Lead Magnet

2. Unique or Exclusive

You should be offering something that your readers can’t find elsewhere on your site. It must be something exclusive. People are very conscious about spam emails so if they can find a 7 step guide to setting up a blog on your site already, they probably won’t hand over their email address just to received the same information by email.

So, make sure it’s something your readers want or need and make it exclusive.

A great example of this, is access to a resource library. It’s something relatively simple for you, as a blogger, to create but it’s of great value to your readers. Especially if you continually update and add new resources that aren’t available elsewhere on your blog.

3. Leads to Change

I’ve mentioned this before but most people will be looking at your blog searching for a solution to a problem. Give them the answer through your lead magnet.

A great example of this is Ana’s How to Make Money with Pinterest – a Beginner’s Checklist from The She Approach.

Must Have Lead Magnet

I’m generally a huge fan of Ana and The She Approach, so it comes as no surprise that her opt-in freebies are always amazing.

What makes them so great is that they all guide the reader through a process to achieve a change. Want to know how to make more income (that’s the change) using Pinterest? Read this. It’s as simple as that.

4. Easily Consumable

Now it might be tempting to write a 100 page eBook to give away to your readers but people don’t have time for that. If they want to read a book on how to get something done, they’d be looking for a book, not on your site looking for short, punchy tips.

This Facebook Group checklist from Caitlin Bacher of Caitlinbacher.com is perfect. It’s only 3 pages long and, all the crucial, super useful stuff that is essential is condensed down into a one-page checklist. How good is that?

Must have Lead Magnet

Need Some Ideas?

Now you need to decide what and how you’re going to deliver/present your ideas to your readers once they’ve signed up.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • An email mini course – using MailChimp, Convertkit or MailerLite
  • A short ebook – created in Word, saved as a PDF
  • Resources/Tips sheet – 1 page PDFs work really well for these
  • Worksheets and checklists – easily created using Canva
  • A video tutorial – videos have a higher perceived value than audio or text alone
  • Access to a “members only” section of your blog
  • Access to discounts – people on your email list may get your new course at 50% discount
  • Exclusive access to a Facebook Group – which is full of helpful info and resources
  • Free Challenge – similar to an email course but usually much shorter.

Now you know how to create a must have lead magnet, there’s no stopping you – go grow that email list! Good luck!


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