Pinterest group boards are the absolute best! They really are amazing.

You might be a member of a number of group boards or you might be sitting there wondering what group boards are and why on earth you’d want to join one.

We’ll start with the basics of what group boards are – they are boards that “Contributors” can add pins to. This means that more than one person can pin to it. The boards themselves appear on every “Contributor’s” Pinterest account which means that any pins you add to a group board will be seen more. Anyone can request to become a “Contributor” to a board, although each board will have its own requirements.

So, now you know what a group board is (I didn’t doubt you for one second!) let’s look at why you should be joining them, how to find them and how to join them.

Pinterest Group Boards**This post contains Affiliate Links**

Why Join Pinterest Group Boards?

Well, quite simply, because they’re amazing!

Need more of a reason?

Okay, okay, I get it. My word alone isn’t convincing enough.

The real reason you should be joining Pinterest group boards is to get your pins seen more. Ultimately leading to more followers, more re-pins and more traffic to your site. Win, win, win. Am I right?

How does it work? Let’s look at it this way. You may have 100, 500 or 1,000 followers on Pinterest. And that, my friend, is amazing. But, one of your group boards may have 2,000 followers, another group board may have 15,000 followers and another may have 25,000 followers. You get the picture. Each time you pin your own content to a group board, it’s getting seen by more people than your account alone could achieve.

Need another reason why?

Well, group boards are a fantastic, and simple, way to find new content to repin. We all know that we should be pinning other people’s content as well as our own. Group boards are an easy way to find content in the same niche as you that you can repin. Each group board is a gold mine of relevant pins for you to share on your own boards.

Where to Find Pinterest Group Boards

I currently use three different ways to find group boards on Pinterest…well, maybe four but the fourth one isn’t really me doing anything. Let me explain.


My first and favourite way to find Pinterest Group Boards is to do a little stalking! Whenever I follow someone new on Pinterest, I always check out what boards they have on their profile. If they’re a member of any group boards, they’ll be listed right there on their profile.

I always check out those group boards and see if they fit with my niche, the style of blog I have and (this one is more difficult) whether or not they look spammy! If it looks like other contributors are pinning anything and everything to the board, I leave it alone.


The second way that I search for group boards is using BoardBooster. On Boardbooster you can search for just about any type of group board that you could ever want. Boardbooster will show you some info for each of the boards including, repin rate, followers, active contributors and new pins per day. I open each one up that appeals to me and run through the checklist above – niche, style, spammy?

Facebook Groups

The third (and final) way that I look for Pinterest Group Boards is in Facebook Groups. A lot of Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs will have threads about Pinterest where people will share their own group boards. By far the best group I have come across for finding group boards is (surprise, surprise) Pinterest Group Boards but there are hundreds of other amazing groups out there. You can access my free list of 201 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs here.


I know I mentioned a fourth way but it’s not really a way that I look for group boards. Sometimes I just get invited to them by other people. Again, I run through my little checklist before I press “accept” on them.

It might seem extremely flattering that someone has invited you to join their group board but the same standards apply. Ensure that it will be worthwhile for you. For example, make sure that the board has more followers than your own account does.

Whilst it’s amazing to support other bloggers, don’t just accept because you feel you have to.

Lists Created by Other Bloggers

You know what?

I’ve actually just remembered a fifth place to find group boards! And that is these amazing lists that other bloggers have pulled together:

The Ultimate List of Pinterest Group Boards – For Every Type of Niche

The Ultimate List of Pinterest Group Boards for Bloggers and Creatives

100+ Pinterest Group Boards Directory

Ultimate List of Pinterest Group Boards

List of 15+ Best Pinterest Group Boards to Join

If the board fits my niche and they are accepting new contributors (the description of the board will usually state if they aren’t), I request to join. This leads us nicely on to…

How Do I Join a Group Board?

Each group board will have its own rules and guidelines so please make sure you read them properly before asking to join. Some boards can be quite onerous, for example, for every pin you add of your own content you must repin 5 pins from other contributors. Whilst this might seem manageable, just bear in mind what else you have to do for your blog – writing, editing, photos, social media – everything adds up!

Anyway, back to joining group boards. The description at the top of each group board should have instructions on how to join. Some boards will ask you to follow the owner’s account and then send them an email. Others will ask you to follow the owner’s account and then comment on one of the recent pins. I have come across a couple of group boards that don’t have any instructions on how to join so I’ve simply sent the owner a message on Pinterest asking if they are accepting contributors and, if so, how I can join.

Flourishing Freelancer currently has one group board open for contributors, you can join here.

Pinterest Group Boards

You can easily find the owner of the group board – they are the first profile image you can see on the right-hand side.

Sometimes it can take up to a couple of weeks for your request to be processed and accepted so be patient. Other people will accept you immediately. It all depends on the group board owner.

How Do I Pin to Pinterest Group Boards?

So, you’ve found some group boards, requested to join and been accepted? Go you!

Now what? Now you start pinning.

As I mentioned above, some group boards will have rules about how often you can pin your own content, how much of other people’s content you should be pinning and how often you should be repinning. Make sure you read these guidelines carefully and follow those rules.

You can save yourself loads of time by using a pin scheduling tool such as BoardBooster. Once set up correctly, Boardbooster will run for you on autopilot and before long you’ll be seeing a huge spike in your repins and, as a result, your blog traffic!

Are you already making the most of Pinterest Group Boards? What are your favourites?

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