In a previous post, I told you how to make the most of Twitter Chats to promote your blog and grow your blogging network. Now it’s the turn of Facebook which is another great way of meeting new people and getting traffic to your site.

Initially, I focused solely on Twitter and the traffic I was getting from there was great. One day, I decided that I’d give Facebook a try and I was totally shocked by the amount of traffic I got for very little effort.

Within the first three days of engaging with various Facebook Groups, my page views increased from around 5 per day to over 200. And that was just the very early days. I now get a regular flow of traffic from Facebook Groups. But, more exciting than that, I also have a great support network within those groups.

The secret I found was to genuinely engage with other bloggers within blogging groups. When I say “genuinely engage” I mean posting useful things, not just “great post” or simply liking a status. And, if you’re expecting people to answer the questions you post in those groups, don’t forget to answer questions from other bloggers.

As I explored Facebook Groups a little deeper, I found lots of ways to promote my blog, and none of them included paying for ads or spamming people!

Facebook Groups and Pages

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Find the Right Groups

Not all Facebook groups will be right for you (obviously!) so take some time to find the right ones. Think about what you want to join Facebook groups for. There’s no harm in joining different groups for different reasons. For example, I’m a member of a number of groups that offer help and advice to bloggers as they’re great places for me to ask any blogging questions that I have and get really useful answers from other bloggers. I’m a member of a number of other groups solely for the purpose of promoting my own blog and finding other blogs to read.

The best and most straightforward way of finding suitable groups is to use the search bar at the top of your Facebook homepage. Once you’ve searched your keywords, for example, “blogging tips”, select the “groups” category. Then you can scroll through the results and select those that suit your needs and weed out those that don’t. For example, I rule out any groups that are location specific, unless they’re UK wide.

To save you some work, you can access my FREE list of 201 Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs here:

Have a look at the description for each group and be sure to read their rules and guidelines before making a decision and requesting to join.

Here’s a list of some of my favourite Facebook Groups for networking:

Facebook Groups and Pages

Introduce Yourself Strategically

Most groups will allow you to introduce yourself and your blog without the restrictions of the usual rules of the group such as no promo outside of specific promo threads. So, make the most of this opportunity.

Introduce yourself on a personal level. Let people know what you are interested in and make yourself seem relatable. Alongside this, introduce your blog and tell people a little bit about the services you offer.

A great way of using your introduction post to engage with people in the group from the outset is to include a question or two that is relevant for the group.

Use Promo Threads

Most Facebook Groups have rules. These rules usually place restrictions on promoting your own blog posts and services. A lot of groups do however have promo threads at least once a week that allow you to promote your own content.

Promo threads come in a variety of shapes and sizes! Some will simply invite you to share a blog post, whilst others will ask you to share your latest achievements. Make sure you read the original post and only share something that is relevant.

Consistently participating in the promo threads of your favourite Facebook groups is a great way to gain new traffic and to gain some recognition from other members of that group.

In order to make the most of these promo threads, you should include an enticing headline or caption alongside the link. As with all other social media channels, images work really well at grabbing people’s attention. Included branded images wherever you can.

Ask Questions and Answer Them

A lot of blogging groups are used as a platform for bloggers to ask other bloggers for advice.

This works in your favour in two ways. Firstly, you have access to thousands and thousands of expert brains who are ready and willing to help you. Unsure what hosting site to use or which light to buy for your product shots? Ask someone in your niche for their opinions. From my experience, people in these groups are always super helpful.

Secondly, you can help other bloggers out by sharing your knowledge and answering some of their questions. Not only is this just a nice thing to do but it will also help get your name and reputation as an expert out there. Some groups will allow you to link to your own posts if they help answer the question being asked – another great way to get additional traffic to your site.

You might find that some groups have rules around you not being allowed to use promo threads if you don’t regularly engage in the group in other areas so asking and answering questions is a great way to do this.

Create Your Own Facebook Page/Group

One fantastic way to promote your blog is to create a Facebook Page or Group of your own. Flourishing Freelancer has one of each! I use my page to share my latest blog posts and other general promo bits and pieces. I use the group to engage with you guys and give you a platform to ask questions and share your own content.

One recommendation I would make with regards to setting up your own page or group is to ensure that you have time to run it! Whilst you can schedule-generic updates, it’s the real-life engagement with your audience that makes the big difference.

For example, with the Flourishing Freelancer Blogging Community, I use Hootsuite to schedule my promo threads for two months at a time, that way, I can focus on replying to comments and interacting with the members of the group of a day-to-day basis. The promo schedule I have for the group is as follows:


Monday Motivation – Share your goals for the week


Share your products/Services – courses, freebies, etc.


Mid-Week Social Share – Share any of your social media links


Blog Post Comments – Share your blog post and comment on 5 others


Flaunt It Friday – Share your biggest wins of the week


Blog Post Share – Share your blog post and share 5 other posts


Anything goes – share whatever you need e.g. blog posts, social media accounts etc.

What are your favourite Facebook Groups? Let me know in the comments below.

Would you like your Facebook Group adding to the list? Get in touch with me and let me know why!

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