Flourishing Freelancer is a blog created for bloggers, freelance writers and creative entrepreneurs. My aim, as the owner of FF is to provide guidance, support and easy-to-follow advice to others through the FF Blog, Resource Library and FF Courses.


Who can write for FF?

The simple answer? Anyone.

Whether you’re a blogger, freelancer or entrepreneur, there’s space for you on the FF blog!

The process is simple and very informal – simply send a “submission” to contact@flourishingbusinessmum.com that includes the following:

  • Your post idea
  • A brief explanation of why you want to write for FF (one line is fine!)
  • Your name and link to your own blog or site (if you have one)

At the moment, the FF blog features one guest post per month. Once I’ve received your “submission” I’ll be in touch with you to discuss which month your post will be published in and when I will need to receive your finished article.


What types of posts does FF Accept?

FF is currently looking for two types of posts – How-to Articles and Blogger/Entrepreneur Interviews:

How-to Articles

As the FF blog aims to help out other bloggers, freelance writers and creative entrepreneurs, the main focus of our posts is on sharing knowledge with readers. It doesn’t actually have to include the words “How-to”.

If you have advice or hints and tips that you’d like to share with others, this is a great opportunity. It may be a step-by-step instructional post on how to generate a landing page, where to find the best stock images or a post on why you chose Convertkit over MailChimp. Your idea might also be a little more personal and opinionated such as “My Favourite Apps for Bloggers”.

The best way to ensure that your post is what we are looking for is to ask yourself “How can readers benefit from this?” – if you can’t think of a benefit, then it’s probably not the right fit for FF, sorry.

Blogger/Entrepreneur Interviews

This is a new feature for the FF Blog and one that I’m super excited about!

A huge part of why I started this site was to inspire others and show them a way that they could live their online life. A great way to show others is to share your own personal story and experience with them.

So, I want you to share your story! Tell us what you do, why you do it and, above all, how awesome you are! This is a place to share your journey, your hurdles and your successes.

If you’d like to be featured, please download the interview questions below, complete them and send back to contact@flourishingfreelancer. If there are any questions on the interview sheet that don’t apply to you, or that you don’t want to answer, please feel free to skip them but please mark them as “skipped” just so that I know you haven’t just missed them by accident.

What’s in it for you?

Unfortunately, FF isn’t in a position to pay for guest posts at the moment (we’re still very new!).

Each guest post will, however, include a short bio about you which can include links to your own site and social media accounts. You will also be tagged in any promotional posts e.g. Tweets and Facebook posts.

I am also happy to swap guest posts – if you would like me to write a post for your site in exchange for your post being featured on FF, please let me know within your “submission” email.


Anything Else?

Before you send your “submission” to us, look at our recent posts for ideas of structure, tone and what has already been covered on the blog! Make sure your submission:

  • Is easy to follow (if it’s a how-to post)
  • Is bold, interesting and “real” (make it sound like a human wrote it rather than a robot!)
  • Is 800-1,000 words long
  • Doesn’t include any affiliate links
  • Is unique to FF (i.e. not published somewhere else)
  • Doesn’t include images (you can add a profile picture to your bio if you would like)


I’m looking forward to working together!

Dani xx

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